Oh, what a night!

If you haven’t already guessed through the title, I am indeed referring to the Four Seasons hit ‘December 1963 (Oh what a night). Last night I went to my local theatre to watch the UK tour of Jersey Boys. The singing was flawless, the set was fascinating and aside from the group of women in the balcony, singing (screeching) along through the first act, it was a brilliant evening.

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What’s up Pussy Cat?

To many of my family and friends disapproval, I hate cats. In my mind, Cats look like Rats; and Rats look like Cats! They are sly, conniving little shits whose entire lives revolve around strolling into gardens, of which aren’t their own, and leaving all sorts of unwanted presents masked in the grass.  Read more

Greetings, your Majesty.

Yesterday afternoon I was alerted, via twitter, of an article the Sun had published earlier that morning. The article consisted of a screenshot from a video, pre WW2 (1933-1934), with King Edward VIII apparently showing a very young Queen Liz, how to perform the Nazi salute. As you can imagine the Sun totally milked the cow dry in regards to showing up the palace and has stirred up an imaginable amount of speculation and anger from the Royals.

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