Yesterday afternoon I was alerted, via twitter, of an article the Sun had published earlier that morning. The article consisted of a screenshot from a video, pre WW2 (1933-1934), with King Edward VIII apparently showing a very young Queen Liz, how to perform the Nazi salute. As you can imagine the Sun totally milked the cow dry in regards to showing up the palace and has stirred up an imaginable amount of speculation and anger from the Royals.

Throughout the article, a lot of waffling and smoke screens detract from the story; as a Tabloid often does. The article focuses little on the facts of the event and revolves predominantly around Hitlers callous acts in his rise to power. The home video is said to be taken toward the latter part of 1933 – at which point Hitler was not overall Dictator of Germany as Hindenburg was still alive and breathing; although very slowly. A quote from the article suggests that the Queen and her mother could have been or indeed are Nazi sympathisers! How ridiculous! Maybe at the time the family may have admired them? After all, at this point in time the rest of the World were as oblivious as Jedward were in their X factor career at the real goings on in Germany. Let us not forget that Hitler and the Nazi party had just brought Germany out of a World Wide depression with spectacular numbers of re-employment; although I shan’t brush over the issue that the numbers of the employed may have been tampered with, however, in the eyes of the World, Germany was moving in the right direction.

The footage is fascinating to watch and without a doubt is a fantastic bit of Historical evidence, however, to hyperbole and suggest that the Queen supports or sympathisers with Nazi ideology is absurd. Again, possibly at the time the Royals, especially Edward, being quite the fascist, could have seen Germany as a positive mover n’ shaker in Europe but clearly this video shows us plain and simple naivety from the Royals. As we know from everyday, small town living, people change. We don’t know who, when and where they may, so, although very intelligent, we can’t presume a 7-year-old girl to be aware of the goings on in a country 500 miles away? Silly tabloid twaddle. *alliteration of the day*

As you can most likely tell, this has stirred a lot of conflicting inside one’s mind and has had both my heart racing and my mind assessing and confirming. The article show’s thoughtlessness, a certain shallow and un-empathetic attitude as the paper itself treats the video like a Willy Wonker Golden Ticket.

Historians, (who are clearly avid Sun arse lickers), suggest that the Royal family were fully aware of Hitlers intentions of violence and even agreed with his chaotic measures. What a load of tosh! Any Historian would/should be well acquainted with the knowledge that no large-scale attack was ordered by Hitler until the Night of the Long Knives; a whole year after this video was shot. Therefore they couldn’t possibly have sided with his views. The only way they could find out any hatred toward the Jews, Gypsies, Gays etc. was through reading Mein Kampf. Even then Hitler never directly says he plans to kill the Jews, instead he cleverly structures sentences and uses words like deal and exclude. Pretty cryptic, right? I think we can safely put Mein Kampf to one side and say, all in all, that the Royals – nor anyone else around the World at the time had any idea of the destruction that Hitler would cause.

This has angered me. I can imagine a lot of these blogs will be rants on articles the Sun or the Daily Mail have produced. Unfortunately we must live in a World alongside such bigots, or assholes, whatever your dialect, both will suit just fine.

Speculation complete.


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